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Carlos Guerrero

Software Developer interested in design and photography.

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Software Developer, Consultant, DevOp, IT professional and Electronic Engineer.

Latest Products Created:


From concept to development, UI/UX design, Node.js Desktop App


Development of Backend and Landing Page, with credential-less payment and management system, the product removes geo-blocking from services like Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, Netflix. requires no software installation and works not only for PC, Mac and Linux but also with AppleTV, XBOX360, PS3, Roku...

Conventional Development Experience:

Freelance Developer

Telecommute as a lifestyle. Combining the best of schedule freedom with quality of work.

OpenERP for Goverment

Robustness and fast developing speed of OpenERP, makes it ideal for government solutions in which the delivery deadline and security is crucial.

OpenERP Point of Sale

OpenERP is usefull not only for getting companies organized, but also for using it as a selling machine

IT Department Leader

Took charge of all the IT needs of a Telecom Contractor distributed all over 5 countries in Central América

Telecom Industry

Brightcomms is a Telecom Contractor that develops software specially designed for 2G/3G/LTE tunning.



Curso introductorio y avanzado sobre todas las herramientas que trae el mejor software libre de diseño 3D.


Introducción a Python desde ceron.

Media Production:

Festival SC

Evento de música electrónica realizado en San Cristóbal, Venezuela.

Canaima GNU/Linux

Explicación gráfica del funcionamiento interno de la distribución Canaima GNU/Linux